Oil Gard Formulas

At Chatham Oil Gard we recommend a two-stage application that becomes one rust-busting application we call the Combo!

Combo Chatham

Formula 2 logo2FORMULA 2 NO-DRIP

  • Formula 2 No-Drip combines advanced rust inhibitors and petroleum-based solids that cling to the application areas of your vehicle without drips. It is an exclusive formula designed to provide superior penetration of metal pores, seams and joints, displacing existing moisture.

  • Formula 2 No-Drip is applied as a high pressure fogged coating. It rapidly penetrates and forms a stable coating while creating an airtight barrier to fight off heat, stress and reactive condensation breakdown. Formula 2 No-Drip is highly viscous, meaning it will resist the effects of wet, snowy and salty road conditions.

  • For maximum protection, Formula 2 No-Drip should be applied on an annual basis. Any time, any season, Formula 2 No-Drip protects your car year round.


  • Oil Gard Classic is proven to work on all vehicle types and is intended for annual application. This unique formula combines oil and chemicals designed to penetrate the tight joins and seams in today’s vehicles. Classic also has a high capillary action, or creeping ability, and is engineered to actively apply itself to your vehicle for months, giving you long-term peace of mind.

  • Classic is designed to eliminate moisture and oxygen on contact, effectively stopping the growth of existing rust. This formula also enhances the effectiveness of tar-based rust-prevention products which may already exist on your vehicle by preventing shrinkage.

  • Oil Gard Classic is a metal-sensitive treatment that transfers moisture away from your vehicle. It is a low-drip product that works quickly to recover, penetrate and protect your vehicle year-round, rain or shine.


  • Oil Gard Anti-Rust aerosols allow you to instantly treat stone chips and minor scratches on your vehicle with convenience.

  • Proven Oil Gard formulas can be a solution to many problems around the house, cottage, trailer, boat, garage and workshop. Oil Gard aerosols can penetrate, lubricate, protect and prevent rust on trailer hitches, hinges, latches, garden implements, shop equipment, tools, bicycles and much more!

  • Oil Gard aerosols help loosen rusty parts and create a protective barrier on any metal surfaces exposed to daily wear and tear or harsh elements.

  • Oil Gard Classic and Formula 2 No-Drip are available in convenient 400g cans