Trailer Hitch FAQs

Q: How do I determine what trailer hitch I need?
In order to properly determine the right trailer hitch for your vehicle you should start with this basic list. You need to know: your vehicle’s towing capacity, the trailer/load gross weight; whether you want an open trailer, pop-up or fully enclosed trailer; or if you are looking for a bike carrier you need to determine how many bikes you want to carry.

Q: What accessories should I purchase with my trailer hitch?
A: Some of the items purchased with a trailer hitch include: draw-bar & ball, locks, sway bars, a weight-distributing system, covers, and caps. When you come to Chatham Oil Gard we will go through exactly what you need to “get towing” as soon as possible!

Q: What should I know about wiring?
A: One of the most important things to remember is that most newer vehicles have LED lights and are computer operated so the wiring system needs to be isolated from the trailer. Additionally, you need to determine: what style of plug in you need, how many options for power are on the trailer, do you have a charging system and/or electric brakes? The answers to these questions determine what wiring kit will work for your towing needs. At Chatham Oil Gard we will ensure your wiring kit is exactly what you need.

Q: What do I need to know about brake controls?
A: First and foremost, if a trailer has electric brakes the tow vehicle must also have them installed. Your choices for different units depend on the tow vehicle’s size and weight, as well as your trailer size, weight and brake type.

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